Relationship Advice For Men – Little Issues Make A Big Difference


Relationship Advice For Men – Little Issues Make A Big Difference

Perform your feel that marriage is getting along with you? If you feel the only answer is to break free, relationship advice for men will help you see things from a different perspective. It doesn’t take a lot to improve your marriage in fact it’s the small things that make a difference.

Several men get it right at the outset but so often get too comfortable in a relationship and are oblivious to the advice that little gestures still count. They get to the phase where they feel that little stuff are too insignificant in the scheme associated with things, lose focus or just obtain so wrapped up with life which they can’t be bothered. Nothing in this life is for free, relationships are simply no different they have to be worked from.

For women to really feel fulfilled they need to feel loved, it really is rare for a woman not to need those small gestures. How usually do you hear women moaning to their friends or colleagues about the insensitivity of their husband, how he doesn’t understand her, puts no believed into the gifts he buys, if he buys any, or just doesn’t seem to care. If you did a survey how many women would say that they feel they are just taken for granted……

Remember, nothing in this life if at no cost, my relationship advice for men can be take care of your partner, show that you adore her, take time to understand her, value her and encourage her, do not take her for granted.

Those little gestures create a real difference, the hug whenever you get home at night, the kiss when you see each other, the odd gift and showing interest in her day.

Show respect for your partner:

• Listen to the girl, respect her point of view.

• Don’t bulldoze her into your way of thinking.

• Don’t assume you’ re above doing all those dull household tasks. Do you think your wife actually enjoys them??

• Provide to help, don’t wait to be requested.

• Encourage your wife and support her in anything the girl wants to do.

• Place your partner and your relationship first.

• Don’t just think of your own requirements when lovemaking.

• Don’t cheat on your spouse.

Marriage is a partnership, a 2 way street, don’t assume that it may work with all the effort coming from one particular side. Don’t run, don’t try and break free, follow relationship advice that has been tried and tested. Think about little gestures and which will be right for your wife. I can’t tell you exactly what to do, people are various and appreciate different things, but I can point you in the right path. Saving your marriage is now up to you.

Get involved in your marriage, don’t sit on the edge and look within. Show that you care, pay compliments, offer to help, plan surprises, respond when she talks to you and show an interest in what she does. Observe when your wife is tired or upset, tell her you love her, show her you love her, treat the girl in the same way as you did when you first went out.

You have sought relationship advice, don’t just go away and carry on doing things as you are at this point, really think about how you used to deal with your wife, before you were married, the girl hasn’t changed she is still exactly the same person underneath and will still appreciate the same things.

All those little things in life really do create a big difference.

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  • sakyue1993:

    Im 26 and I have been celibate for a little over a year and for the past 4 weeks I have been dating a man that is 42. I like him and he likes me but the last couple of days he has been stressing the issue of sex. He keeps telling me that he hasn’t had sex in 2 months and I have told him repeatedly that I’m not ready for that yet. I’ve also told him in the beginning that the next time I decide to have sex it will have to be with someone I trust and who believes in MONOGAMY!!

    Today he tells me that if I decide not to have sex with him, that he is going to have sex with someone else just for the night. He also says he does not want to stop dating me. SMH! Obviously, we’re not in a relationship, so I cannot exactly tell him what he can and can’t do…but I just don’t see how this would ever work out because I feel that any time I tell him I don’t want to have sex, he’s just going to run around behind my back.

    I just would like to know what any of you would do in a situation like this? And maybe give me a reason why he would give me an ultimatum like that so early in the courtship….

    Thanks for your help! =)

  • turg143:

    So, This is a long story, but I am pretty confused about my life. Please help. I’m crying and just need something.(p.s NOONE knows any of this till now)

    Q#1. This guy had a crush on me. He made it quite obvious to me. He sent me FB messages and always tried to talk to me. He was so much older than me though. I was a B**** to him though, either ignored him or was super rude to him. I told him to leave me alone and go away. I knew his family had some HUGE issues but, I didn’t care. Last month he committed suicide. I felt like a monster. Was it my fault? He had other girls in his life, but he said i was important to him. People didn’t actually knew he liked me alot. I never said anything, neither did he. How does people get over something that changed the way they looked at life?

    Q#2. I was very rude to another older guy too. ( I don’t date older guys. Actually, I guess i don’t date alot of people.) I was a lock in for this one girls birthday. A guy asked me out. I said “yes” making it obvious that i was sarcastic. I acted nice to him all night and talked. He didn’t get the picture and thought for two weeks we were dating. ( after the two weeks was up, My friend told me he said He was “breaking” up with me.) I was kinda mad. A week later a girl I knew came up and asked if we had sex. I was blown away when i asked who she heard it from. It was Him!!!! I started being the school slut. Every seemed to hate me. It blew over, but the guy is friends with my family and loves talking to my dad. ( I am not allowed to date.) that really wasn’t a question just something I would like to get off my chest.

    So. Question #3. (religious) I can’t figure out the difference from God and my imagination. Is there any way to separate the two? how?! Do you think God exist?

    Q#4. I was very popular. ( WAS!!) me and my friends were able to do anything! The teachers loved us and we got presents from them sometime. i was Going over to one of there houses friday. The wensday before that the decided ” Maddi Is getting old.” I wasn’t allowed to sit at there table or be seen with them. The main one cussed me out. I had no spot to sit and baisically a out cast. I had no spot to sit and no friends. I started cutting my self. and left the christian things. Left God . I would be laughed at when they saw me. they pointed and laughed. Well 3 years later, they became less popular and I became more them then. Now they seem very sorry. Should i accept it? I wouldn’t be there close friends, Just don’t hate them.

    Q#4. I am not allowed to date. It has been 5 years since i had a boyfriend. I want to ask if i can, but i am not close with my parents and they are very protective over me. I just want to date. How do I ask? My mom is very protective and won’t let me do anything! My dad hates guys I like (no matter if he was like a son before) . And when i am around guys i like they TRY to embarrass me. ( they have admitted it!) Its terrible.

    Q#5. I think i love this guy. He was my first boyfriend ( i got in major trouble!) I never stopped liking him. once. He is my best friend and i have known him since kindergarten. ( the first time i saw him i liked him) I Just want to dance when i see him. How do i know he feels the same? ( he is worth braking the rules)

    Q#6. How do you kiss? not a french kiss, but a regular kiss. I am stressing out over it. Don’t say it comes naturally. what do I do? I feel stupid for even asking it, but i want to know. How do You place your lips? How do you Kiss?

    Q#7. Why are people wanting sex? it sounds nasty? You get naked, squirm around and sweat over each other. It is gross. Not romantic. This is probably why i am waiting till marriage.

    Finally. Q#8. Why do girls hate each other? seriously. We start drama and lies then tell everyone what she said. And not the other half of the story, Trying to make our selves look like the better person, when in fact we started the whole mess! Are our lives really that boring, where we have to make ourselves problems to look like we have a life. Guys seem to have it better. all the way around. Can’t we just get along. Then we complain when guys say they don’t get us. I don’t even get us! We say we want stuff like this and that. when we get where upset! Gosh- we should say what we are thinking, but we want guys to be worried about us.

    Thats it! Finally! please read through it. I need help.

  • mrankinmatt:

    I am looking for some good relationship advice websites for women except for and Thanks for the tips!

  • slipknot0129:

    I’m seriously dating a Mormon man (he’s Jack Mormon) and I’m not a member. I would like to hear stories and/or advice from any married couples on here that are in the same type of relationship… My bf says he knows many couples where one person is LDS and the other is not, and I’m just curious as to the dynamics of the relationship- What are the struggles? What are the best/ worst parts? How have you raised your children and dealt with in-laws of another faith?

    Thanks in advance for your well-intentioned feeback :)
    @Chris: Obviously you haven’t done your research on the church… Granted, I don’t belive what the LDS believe, but in this instance I feel the need to refute your statements. My bf is not a zealot, nor will he ever be. Mormons are not required to produce mass amounts of children, but large families are considered a family. I am very familiar with the history of Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon, and although I do not believe the story, I can say that according to Mormons there were a dozen witnesses to the golden plates and others who saw visions of angels.
    Correction: Large families are considered a blessing.

  • Kaylla:

    the man is 46 and the girl is 26. he’s been married and has a daughter. she’s never been married and next to him opbviously lacks a great deal of experience. they’ve been together for 3 months. he’s told her on different occasions the following things:
    1- i have feelings for you
    2- if i was 10 yrs younger i would’ve lived a great [love] story with you (implying that he didn’t have absolutely all the current responsibilities upon him, yet never regretting his daughter of course)
    3- if you were 10 yrs older i would make a baby with you (implying if i had lived some more and was ready to mothering)

    however he’s never told her “i love you”, not even during lovemaking

    The question: Do you think he does have feelings for her, and do you think he may be in love with her but holding it back?

    And yes, the girl in question is me and the man is my bf, I just thought it’d be easier to understand from the 3rd person, so you can answer ‘you blah blah’ instead of ‘she blah blah’

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