Meet up with Single Men and Women While Doing That which you Love


Meet Solitary Men and Women While Doing What You Like

The internet continues to change our lives. New web technologies are usually constantly changing the way we work, play and communicate.

The evolution of the internet enables a dating service to do so much more than just matching you up with somebody with compatible characteristics.

Now you can meet single men and women in the lifestyle environment that reflects part of your personality and the personalities of the people you will meet.

In other words, why not meet people while you are doing something you both love – and internet sites like can assist.

Knowledge Seekers

Are you always looking to expand your own horizons? If you like learning, why not learn with other like-minded singles? From night classes in cooking or vocabulary lessons, to yoga and charitable organisation work, there are a number of learning programs designed specifically for singles. A discussed experience is a great way to meet and learn about new people.

Social Animals

Let’s face it, we all want to have some fun – and meet fun-loving people while we are at it. We’re not really talking about a ‘singles dance’, but exciting events, like pub crawls, poker nights and after work minglers, where you can meet and have fun with other singles looking to meet and have enjoyable.

Adventure Lovers

If you are an adrenaline junkie, you are always ready for the next buzz. Make it a bigger buzz by joining other adventure caring singles for exciting new encounters like parachuting, rafting or soaring.


Or else visiting somewhere new, you are probably intending to do so. Imagine combining your enjoy of travel with meeting other singles. From fun-packed weekend escapes to full blown cruises, there are travel packages to let you go to new places and meet new people.

3 Responses to “Meet up with Single Men and Women While Doing That which you Love”

  • Andres C:

    i nees it for an essay. please help. thanks

  • Jonathan:

    I’m 27 and single. I’ve never had a serious boyfriend. Just throwing that out there. My brother is 24. Our cousins are visiting for Christmas. One of them is male and 19, the other is female and 16. Tonight we somehow got into a huge discussion about relationships. Basically my brother and cousin (the 19-year-old) were making the following points:

    1. Guys NEED to have sex with multiple women (my brother equated it with the desire to pee).

    2. Just because a guy has sex with other women outside a relationship or marriage, it doesn’t mean he loves his girlfriend (or wife) any less.

    3. Men are living against their biological nature in Western Society. The natural order is for men to sleep with as many women as possible to spread his seed, not to stick with just one woman his whole life.

    4. Continuing with Point #3, in many non-Western societies, men have multiple wives and those women don’t have a problem with it; and are happy living in a harem where they are taken care of. Western women have been programmed to believe that a man will only stay with them.

    5. The natural order of women is that women don’t care if men sleep with other women. If they do care, then it’s because the women have been programmed to think so.

    6. Men are made better when they have multiple partners. E.g., they have to stay “oiled” or they become less desirable in general.

    7. EVERY man will cheat on his wife or girlfriend at some point. Or if he doesn’t, he will want to.

    8. It’s NOT OK for a woman to sleep with another man because biologically her husband or boyfriend sees her as his property and doesn’t want to lose an opportunity to spread his seed (even if he has 30 other women).

    9. The emotional connection women have toward men during a relationship (and men toward women) is just a temporary infatuation thing and is designed for men to stick around long enough to protect the woman while she’s pregnant. Then the man is free to move on to someone else because a pregnant woman can’t give him the sex he needs.
    What bothered me is the way they implied that everything men want is rational and biological, and what women want is “temporary” or the result of “programming.” It’s fine for a man to sleep around but not for a woman to do the same? My cousin also said that I will never meet a man that will not cheat on me. Gee, thanks. I pointed out some friends of mine who are happily married, and they just brushed those away saying that those guys are either nerdy “Beta-men” or that they could be cheating, too.

  • heavenly sword:

    (DISCLAIMER: I’m not talking about ALL Christian Women, just the ones I meet.)

    I’ve been a Christian for 7 years now, and every single woman I’ve ever been involved with (and I mean ALL of them,100%.) have had major issues.

    With almost a dozen women over the past 6 years, I’ve had women tell me they love me and I’m their soulmates, only to be caught cheating with an ex 2 days later.

    Women telling me they love me and I’m special, showering me with gifts, cooking for me and then I find them running me down behind my back and telling others they don’t even like me.

    I’ve been dumped because one thought I was playing around on her…with a lesbian…a lesbian.

    I had another one lie on me and tell half the city I was stalking her, when I was sitting at home.

    Another one tell me she loves me, and then “God told her to separate”, and then turns around and changes her mind and says he didn’t, and then turns around and does it again.

    I even was engaged to one women, then she turns around and tells me we never had a relationship, like I imagined the whole thing. If it wasn’t for her friends putting her down and defending me, she would’ve kept it up. Heck, they didn’t even know why she would do that.

    I could go on and on about being lied on, lied to, played, cheated, accused of being a dog, on and on.

    But, I never experienced anything like this while dealing with women before I got saved. I almost wish I could go back to dealing with them, because at this point Christian women seem way worse to me. I’ve tried to be a good man, a Godly man who treats women with the respect and love the Lord would want me to show them. I’ve tried my best to be kind, respectful, supportive, giving and loving, Without being some clingy, needy pushover, either. But it’s always thrown back in my face with a dagger in my back. Non-Christian women treated me far, far, far better to the point of why I wonder the word even tells us not to be “unevenly yoked” anymore.

    But What’s the deal? Now, I got baggage man, and it ticks me off. Because I never had baggage and now I’m all wounded and crap.

    Help me see what I’m doing wrong here. Why does this keep happening to me? Is it my fault?
    For those wondering: I never slept with any of them. I’ve been a born again virgin since coming to Christ. I’m waiting until marriage.

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