Make Sure You Celebrate Your Child’s Uniqueness


Make Sure You Celebrate Your Child’ s Uniqueness

Just like a snowflake or a fingerprint, every child is unique in their own special way. Every child has a unique method of feeling, thinking, and interacting with other people.

Some children are timid, while others are outgoing; some are active, while others are calm; some are fretful, while others are easy-going. As a loving and nurturing parent, it’ s your job to encourage them to embrace their uniqueness and enjoy their individual qualities.

Allow your child to express themselves by means of their interests. They may find a creative outlet in theatre, dancing or art, or they may be exceptionally gifted in the sciences. Encourage them to embrace the actual like to do, what interests them, and what makes them happy. Help them realize that they don’ t need to worry about becoming ‘ like everyone else. ’

Teach your child to make good choices, and praise them for good deeds, behaviors and positive qualities they possess. Encourage them to become actively involved in their community, and bring in them to activities that promote a feeling of cooperation and accomplishment. Be firm yet fair when handing down discipline for misdeeds or misbehaviors, and make certain the rules and implications for breaking the rules are clearly defined. Show a cooperative, loving plus united front with your spouse with regards to discipline.

Accept plus celebrate your child’ s uniqueness. Remember that your child is an individual. Permit your child to have his or her own personal preferences and feelings, which may be different from your own.

And finally, encourage your son or daughter to be true to themselves by doing exactly the same. Show your child how to make positive choices with the choices you make, and that nobody is perfect and you too make some mistakes. Show your child that mistakes could be a great learning experience, and that they really should not be ashamed or embarrassed about making them.

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  • steve:

    i live alone and have a 3 year old boy i was young when i had him had post natal depression after he was born and he now lives with my parents
    I never had a bf after i had my son and sometimes being alone makes me so scared i just want to run away and never come back i meet lots of people but they just come and go out of my life i’m don’t have any real friends
    I don’t eat most of the time i’m never hungry
    Im losing so much weight
    i’ve started to drink but only weekends i’ve got a job which i use to love but not anymore i’ve lost interest in life
    i don’t see a reason for living anymore except for my son that is but i’m so depressed most of the time i can’t even cope
    i just had to get this out of my system which i could just start over again

  • ttocs:

    I am not sure if I am just being an irrational child. But I feel like my head is going to explode anytime soon… I am 32 year female with 2 kids. I had an arranged marriage almost 10 years ago. Well, when I married, I didn’t have much idea of what marriage is about.
    After 10 years, my husband and I barely seem to have any relationship. He is a very good guy but he cannot spend 10 minutes in a day to sit with me or talk to me. Till today he has no clue what I like/love or what my interests are. Nor does he care to understand. I must also say he is a very nice person at heart. He doesn’t hurt a fly. He is also a wonderful dad. We are quite well off together. We both have a great career and a lifestyle. I am just plainly depressed. All I need is an adult in my life to go to… I can’t just continue like this without anyone to talk to or rely on. As an icing to the cake my in-laws come and stay with us several months a year.
    I can’t help but wonder, am I not appreciating God’s gift. Outwardly, I have everything to be happy about. But I just feel the void. I feel I have lost my girl friends who are all busy in their lives and have not made much new friends recently as my life is just super busy…
    Am I being ridiculous or irrational? Or is this how I am supposed to feel? Am I being a pain in the neck? Or whats up with me???? I really feel like yelling now… but my kids and husband are asleep so let me.. just …. stop it.

  • Phillip123:

    My daughter is 19 and very overweight. I have always set an example of eating healty and regular exercising. She won’t talk about her weight. I don’t bring it up but I do encourage her to make healty changes/choices. Today I offered to get her a personal trainer/nutritionist. She just said no. I am very worried about the long-term affects on her health, career, relationships, etc. I know she is not happy with her body the way it is. What can I do to help?

  • Joey 01:

    my parents are from different religion.Dad is Muslim and Mom is Christian.we children follows both the religion ,celebrating festivals of both religion and we have no problem about this.
    But now at this point in my life ( i am not old but you never know when you are going to die ), i want to follow one religion , i keep thinking what if suddenly die and be in front of God ? who that God would be ?what if i regret ,why i dint follow this religion or that religion
    I just want someone to tell me ‘ See this is the religion ,this is God ,these are rules , just follow it ‘
    i want peace of mind , i am confused. Plz dont say anything against any Religion ,these are my parents religion
    SORRY for my bad English.Thank you

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