Hoping For An Easy Pregnancy? Read This Information!


Expectant mothers often discover that their first pregnancy can be full of overwhelming changes in their body plus emotions. Fortunately, this selection of handpicked tips was culled from the experiences of hundreds of women, doctors, and the like who have lived through the exciting 9 months that prepare a mother plus child for birth.

Take some time every day to relax and enjoy yourself as well as your pregnancy. Pregnancy is a stressful time, and once the baby is born you will have a lot less time to yourself. Take advantage of the time now to relax, meditate, and reconnect along with yourself and your unborn child. Your blood pressure will thank you.

Always put on sunscreen. This is especially important when you are pregnant. You should avoid all tanning beds, as well. Pregnancy can make the skin more sensitive to the sun, increasing your chances of both sunburn and sunspots. The key is to remember to use a sunscreen that is free from harmful chemicals that could affect the baby.

Stay away from household cleaning products when you are pregnant. Inhaling these products when you are pregnant can cause serious health problems for you and your baby. Have somebody else in your home do your cleaning, or even, if you have to clean, wear a protecting mask over your nose plus mouth.

During pregnancy, increase your daily calorie intake by roughly 300 to 500 calories. During this time you will be eating for you and your baby and will need the extra calories. Choose healthy fare, such as fruits, fiber and vegetables.

Do not get worried if you haven’ t gotten pregnant in the first 12 months of trying. The general consensus amongst doctors is that it takes a year of actively trying to become pregnant before there is certainly cause for concern. If you have been trying for a year with no success, call at your doctor for an evaluation.

Among the very basic things that pregnant women should do in order to achieve a healthy pregnancy is to start changing the food habits that they have. It is very important to possess a healthy variety of foods in order to properly nourish the baby.

Keep your water intake to six to eight full glasses of drinking water a day. Try keeping a large drinking water bottle with you at all times and fill up it up when it empties. As we know, drinking water is incredibly important to keeping our bodies healthy and it becomes even more essential when we are drinking for two.

Expecting mothers would be wise when they took the advice of having a daily prenatal vitamin. In fact , most doctors prescribe them for expecting mothers! This is because your child has dietary needs that often times due to the nature of pregnancy cravings are not fulfilled. This makes sure they get the nourishment they need.

It makes no distinction whether you are having one baby, twins, or even triplets. Chances are good that you are going to experience a great deal of change within the next few months. Remember these insights when you start to notice exciting differences in the way you look, act, and feel when you prepare for the birth of your baby.

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  • jordenkotor:

    My initial thought is no for the majority of them (with the exception of the lazy river of course). However, on Disney’s website, it’s very clear which rides in the four parks are “Not recommended for expectant mothers”. It will tell you on the page for the description of each ride. Why is it that these warnings aren’t posted for the water slides in the two water parks?

  • Gamer959:

    Hello, I am a 17 soon to be 18 year old girl. I have never had unprotected sex. I’ve always been sober and used condoms. I’ve never taken birth control because I believe it is unhealthy. My period is about 3 days late now and I have been experiencing very minor cramping (usually before my period I get about 3 days of severe cramps, I haven’t had this at all), extreme breast soreness, yellow discharge, horrible lower back pain for the past couple weeks, headaches as well as a feel of being bloated. I am really scared because I’m not ready for a baby, but I do not believe in abortion and taking the easy way out like a lot of people I know have done. I’m fully prepared to take responsibility for my actions if I am. I have been with the same guy for almost 3 years and he’s the only boyfriend I’ve ever had. His father is extremely strict and reformed and would give him a really hard time about it, which is why I was hoping that if I ever did get pregnant at a young age it’d be when he’s moved out of his fathers house which is supposed to be in a few months :(
    But what’s done is done. When we first became sexually active I told him my views on abortion and we agreed that if I ever do become pregnant I’d negotiate an open adoption instead of keeping it myself, which is what I want to do because I am not ready for a baby and have plans for college. I know all of this information probably wasn’t necessary but I’m in a tight spot and I’m really nervous right now :( I also have a job that I don’t want to have to quit because of pregnancy (I use the money I make to save for college).

    Can someone attempt to make me feel better/has anyone had similar symptoms and it just turned out to be a false alarm?
    Thank you!

  • Alex:

    My husband and I have been trying for six months now. And still no luck :’( … Are there any tips of making us have a better chance of conceiving and any information we should know? Please let me know?

  • Andre:

    My friends told me that, ann had a misscariage and slept with her brother and they had a demented child… is that true? if not what really did happen?

  • Praveen:

    I’m just wondering.
    I took prenatels with my first, and with this one[my 2nd] but I was just wondering, if prenatels are really a necessity. Did your child have anything wrong with them due to you not taking prenatels?

  • Keaton:

    I have to ask again…Im looking for anyone who has experience with having lyme disease while pregnant. I am three months along with my second child and recently found out I have lyme disease. Ive read mixed info and wanted to hear from an yone who has experienced this as well.


    I’m due on in 2 days and was reading about some of the signs of pregnancy and the Goodells sign.

    I know its not a sure indication but it gives me some hope.

    My cervix feels easy to find and feels soft and also wet, Not sure if you get dry before period….

    Also this week I have had a water infection, and bad smelly gas.

    Also keep feeling little twinges in lower stomach.

    Does anyone know of more information about the goodells sign and has anyone used this as there idication of pregnancy?


  • Mark M:

    Ok, to start, I’ve never had any kind of sexual contact with anyone. Last night, when I went to go to the bathroom, I noticed a very, very small red spot on the head of my penis. It is just slightly above the rim of my head. It doesn’t hurt whatsoever. It doesn’t itch. I’ve stretched it to get a better look and there is no discomfort at all in that area. Could this be a single little pimple that could clear up in a few days time? I’ve read plenty about herpes and how they are not comfortable, usually appear in groups, and are blisters or MUCH larger than what I have. Had I not had the second lights on, which are brighter, I would have never noticed it.
    I thought I’d also mention that it has been a few days since last time I masturbated, and it wasn’t present after I had finished, so I doubt it was from that.

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